Face Mask N95

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One Box Contain 20 Pieces And 20 Boxes Is Minimum Order



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Surgical Face Mask N95, we have large quantities of 3 ply surgical masks , mask and hand sanitizer available.

What is the difference between KN95 / N95 / FFP2?
Respirators certified as meeting these standards can be expected to function very similarly to one another, based on the performance requirements stated in the standards and confirmed during conformity testing.
• FFP2 (Europe EN 149-2001)
• KN95 (China GB2626-2006)
• P2 (Australia/New Zealand AS/NZA 1716:2012)
• Korea 1st class (Korea KMOEL – 2017-64)
• DS (Japan JMHLW-Notification 214, 2018)